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Handcrafted's wedding services are now available for weddings nationwide via our Virtual Wedding Planner offering.

You have access to our amazing wedding planner services for your perfect New Zealand Wedding no matter where you are in the World

What is a Virtual Wedding Planner?

A Virtual Wedding Planner is a wedding planner that you will not need to meet face to face. They will provide you with all the standard wedding planning services like finding you the best vendors, ensuring sure you keep to the budget and making sure the timing of your special day is spot on, but these will all be conducted over the phone, via video calling or email.


What are the benefits of a Virtual Wedding Planner?

  • Using a Virtual Wedding Planner means that you will receive the same high-quality service at a discounted rate

  • No matter where you decide to get married you always have the option of having a wedding planner to arrange your wedding (Even if you decide to get married in a remote location)

  • You do not need to pay travel costs for your Wedding Planner

  • You can plan your NZ wedding from anywhere in the world

  • You get your own personal Wedding Planner who will tailor your wedding day to your individual needs!



What the Virtual Wedding Planner package includes: 

​2 x 1 hour consultations 
Two phone or video call consultations where we will discuss and plan your budget, wedding schedule, action plan/checklist and run sheet. 

Priority matrix 
​Completed in the first consultation ​we will do a Priority Matrix which will help determine what’s important to you and your partner. This gives an insight on the types of planning or assistance you may need.  

Wedding assessment questionnaire
The assessment questionnaire is used to tease out the details you require for your wedding. This is done in the first consultation and is revisited as we get in to the finer detail of your wedding planning. 

Budget plan
A tailored detailed budget plan and budget tracker. 

Wedding schedule  
A tailored, detailed start to finish wedding schedule outlining what needs to be done when. 

​4 x 15min Schedule check ins
Regular check ins to see how the planning is tracking to the schedule and discuss any issues or additions that arise

Action plan/ checklist
A tailored detailed checklist of everything that needs to be done for planning the wedding

Day of run sheet
A full run sheet for the wedding day outlining everything that is to happen on the day and when it will happen

Vendor options and pricing 
Vendor options provided for vendors required for your wedding including photographer, celebrant, venue, catering, hair, makeup  

Vendor booking 
Booking and confirming your chosen vendors 

Personalised inspiration board
Based on your Wedding assessment questionnaire an inspirational board with ideas for things that you can have at your wedding 



We work closely with you to brainstorm your ideas and refine your wedding style, we then source everything that is required to execute your vision. The cost of materials & hireage are additional.

​Rehearsal coordination
Arranging the rehearsal date and time with the Venue and the Celebrant/Minister 

Setup coordination 
The days leading up to the event can be hectic, I will make sure all the set up runs like clockwork by tracking the who, what and where for the setup 

Email support 
Unlimited email support for any questions that you have or advice that you need

The Investment

The Virtual Wedding Planner Package is $1950

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