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2019 Trend Predictions

Updated: Jan 4, 2019

Happy New Year!!

With a new year comes new trends! I have spent some time reflecting on the 2018 trends I have seen and thinking about what we are likely to see as trends in 2019.

The wedding trends for 2019 are shaping up nicely. Here in NZ we will start to see the trends from the staged photo shoots of the last 6 months start to be implemented in ‘real weddings’.

Here are my top picks for what we will see in 2019:

The Day Itself

2019 will bring more of a focus on creating an experience for your guests. Couples will look for unique points of difference for their wedding day. It will no longer just be throwing a great party for your guests; it will be a well thought out and perfectly planned event taking into consideration your guests experience every step of the way.

While we have seen lawn games, photo booths etc over the past years become mainstream; 2019 will push the boundaries on guest entertainment and experiences. This may also include wedding weekends with various events planned over several days.

The opposite of this will be that ‘Micro Weddings’ will also become a common theme for 2019. Micro Weddings (as the name suggests) are small weddings with small guest lists, a simple format (less formal) and a shorter duration.

The Colours

Pastels are out! And rich, vibrant, moody colours are in! I’m personally a fan of moody colours for a wedding so will get right in behind this trend!

In 2019 you are likely to see intense bright colours (such as yellow, orange, and pink) and moody deep colours (such as burgundy, turquoise, and emerald).

Sorry guys & gals but rose gold is also predicted to make its way out. Instead couples will opt for the more traditional silver and gold colours to accent their wedding. Gold and silver will pair nicely with the bright or moody colours.

The Venue

Rustic has well and truly done its dash, and while it was great while it lasted it will be nice to see something fresh.

In 2019 we will see a shift to a more refined version of ‘rustic’ that will mirror an industrial style. Industrial spaces like old factories we be highly sort after and wedding décor will be updated to reflect the industrial style.

The Dress

2019 will also see a move from traditional dress to more bespoke and arty designs. We will see twists on classic styles; the addition of 3D elements (which when done right I LOVE!) and dresses that will push the boundaries.

With 2 royal weddings in 2018 it was inevitable that sleeves are also going to become a 2019 trend and we will see a blend of sophisticated and elegant sleeve designs come into the fold.

I’d also like to mention here that we are likely to see in increase in mix & match bridal attire (much to the horror of my OCD brain), however when done correctly this can look amazing and is a great to set your day apart from others.

The Drinks

Linked with making your wedding day more of an experience for your guests we will see an increase in interactive bars; be it a mix your own cocktail station or flare bartenders.

Another trend prediction (and one that I really hope takes off) is ‘fancy ice’. Ice cubes with fruit or edible flowers frozen in it is a simple yet effective way to add pizzazz to your drinks.

The drink selection will also be stepped up with the addition of custom cocktails and themed punches presented in fab glassware.

Pro tip - Be aware of the time that it takes to make individual cocktails

The Food

The food game is also set to be stepped up in 2019. A lot of thought and planning will go into the food options that are provided at weddings. People will get creative with what they offer and the food will become a unique point of difference for each wedding.

Over the past few years we have seen an increase in interactive foods such as grazing tables, this will continue into 2019 with an emphasis on ‘fun food’. We are also likely to see themed and DIY food stations.

The Florals

Florals are no longer just in your bouquets and centrepieces, they will set the scene for your whole wedding (and people will be spending their budget on them accordingly… thanks Meghan & Harry!).

We have seen an increase in floral archways, which will continue into 2019 but the floral arrangements will also extend to hanging florals and ceiling designs.

Greenery will still stay a big part of these deigns for the foreseeable future and will tie in nicely with the industrial style.

The Photography

While a lot of photographers are already using them, drones will continue to grow in popularity as the technology becomes better and the prices come down. Drone photography will expose a new perspective for wedding photography and as artists become more comfortable with them we will see some unique and creative shots as a result.

Overall 2019 is shaping up to be an exciting year to get married. Weddings this year will set the foundation for weddings in the coming years. There are some great trends to get in behind so enjoy planning your big day!

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