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DIY Grazing Table for 100

Creating a Grazing Table can seem overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be! I have put together the below shopping list full of items you can pick up from your local supermarket.

The secret recipe is to make sure you have loads of colours, different shapes and textures. I did an online shop at Pack n Save this week and the cost came to $628, that's $6.28 per person!

This shopping list will feed approximately 100 people during a cocktail hour or as an appetizer. With the items that wouldn't fit on the table initially, we used these were used to top up the table as people ate it making it last longer and looking fuller for longer.

Top tips to remember:

Have loads of colour, get creative with how you cut things, add a bit of height with chopping boards or stands and have fun with it, theres no right or wrong, just deliciousness!

Shopping List:

Round Cheese x 6

Triangle cheese x 5

Square Hard cheese x 5

Blue cheese x 3

Soft cheese (fruit/nut) x 3

Water Crackers x 5 pks

Wafer Cracker x 2pks

Snax/Ritz Crackers x 5pks

Fruit/nut crackers x 10pks

Coloured Crackers (beetroot/ spinach) x 4pks

French Stick x 4

Rye Loaf of Bread x 2 loaves

Sourdough x 2 loaves

Salami (different kinds & shades of colour) x 16 pks

Prosciutto x 20 pks

Cherry Tomatoes x 5 pks

Baby Carrots / Standard carrots for carrot sticks x 3pks / Large Carrots

Pretzels x 2 bags

Almonds x 2pk / 500g Total

Peanuts x 2 bags

Pistachios x 2 pk /400g

Cucumber x 2

Cornichons / gherkins x 2 Jars

Strawberries x 4 punnets

Grapes (mix of Red & green) x 4 / 2kg

Dried Apricots x 2 pks

Hummus (3 different colours, 2 of each colour) x 6

Relish (tomato (red) & pickle (yellow)) x 5 jars

Onion Jam/ Relish x 1 jar

Rosemary x 2 pks/bunches or 2 x 15g

Basil x 2 pks/bunches or 2 x 15g

Scorched Almonds x 3 pks

Olives x 1 jar

Oranges x 2

Kiwifruit green x 3

Happy Shopping, and I look forward to seeing your tips!

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