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So you have to do a speech...

Deliver the best wedding speech!

I don't know about you but public speaking speaking is one of the things I dread! And while I still do it, it makes me extremely uncomfortable.

Here's some of my tips to make it a bit easier:

  • Be prepared! Winging it hardly ever turns out well. Make sure you know the points you want to cover and either write out your speech word for word or use cue cards with some key words

  • Get a good nights sleep the night before. This is essential, you operate so much better on a good nights sleep. You will not blow the thought of doing a speech out of proportion, you will be able to focus better and think clearer

  • Lavender essential oil. This is my go to! I will help you have a good nights sleep the night before and it will clam you on the big day. You can diffuse it, or rub a little bit on your pressure points

  • Don't drink too much. Its easy to fall into the trap of having one to many to calm your nerves. While it may help you relax it will not assist your ability to deliver a great speech, and could turn out embarrassing for all. Hold off until the speech is over and then you can relax

  • Remember 80% the audience also hates public speaking also, so they will be very compassionate to you. Also remember that no one else knows exactly what you were going to say, if you miss a point then its fine... don't stress

I hope that these tips help you prepare for a fabulous speech!

Here's to lots of successful wedding speeches, readings and toasts!

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