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Why Hire a Wedding Planner?

Hiring a wedding planner is a relatively new concept here in NZ. In the States and Aussie it is a more widely used service, and while it is picking up here there is still a common misconception that Wedding Planners are only for the rich and that they are expensive.

You may be presently surprised to learn that Wedding Planners often offer reasonably priced packages to ensure you get the most bang for your buck. They can also offer an hourly rate so that if you are just wanting them to do one or two things in particular that you are not tied in to a package.

What do they do? They can arrange everything for your special day, from finding and booking vendors, managing your budget, event set up, and rehearsals to coordinating the day to make sure it runs smoothly. 

So why hire one? People underestimate the amount of time and energy that goes in to planning a wedding. Some parts of wedding planning might not seem like work, for example perusing Pinterest for hours on end to get inspired. Others however can be not so fun; like scrolling through pages and pages of vendors trying to find the right one for you; having to fully explore each individual vendor’s website to discover what they offer and then follow up with an email to get more information or pricing.  On average a wedding has 10 vendors, going through this process for each means the hours quickly add up. Hiring a Wedding Planner saves you time, ensures you stick to budget, provides useful industry knowledge and helps provide solutions to any problems that arise.

How much is your time worth? Whether you work full time, are studying, have kids (or all of the above) time is precious and finding the extra hours in the day to plan a wedding can be hard. By hiring a Wedding Planner they do the leg work for you to find the best vendors and the best deals that suit your requirements. They are effectively your personal assistant and you delegate work to them!

The Budget Guru One thing I hear time and time again is how couples go way over budget for their wedding and then spend months paying it off after the day. A Wedding Planner makes sure you are aware of all the aspects of your wedding that your budget will cover (even the little things like wedding robes, gifts and waxing). They provide guidance on what budget you should allocate to each item and identify areas where you can save money. Once the budget is sorted they then make sure you stick to it! They track all the costs and manage the deposits and when the balances are due. 

The Subject Matter Expert Wedding Planners have their finger on the pulse when it comes to what is available, they are a source of knowledge and can provide a variety of bespoke ideas to make your day special. They are familiar with the vendors, they know all the right questions to ask, they know what prices are reasonable and know all the latest trends.

The Problem Solver Extraordinaire If the photographer cancels last minute, or Miss two plants her finger in to the cake the Wedding Planner will be the one to remedy these. They have a Plan B (and C and D) to help fix anything unexpected that may crop up on or before the big day. They also come equipped with a bridal emergency kit stocked with anything that you may need at short notice. 

Stress? What Stress? For a Wedding Planner arranging a wedding is their bread and butter (aka they have got this!). Ultimately they are there to make sure your stress levels are reduced and that this is an enjoyable process for you. They also provide reassurance and comfort when needed. They help resolve any conflicts and can be a great scapegoat if anyone questions why you are doing something in a particular way that they don’t approve of.  Making the day run smoothly Wedding Planners ensure all the months of planning come together on the day. They execute your run sheet to make sure everything runs as it should. They make sure everything is setup as it should be, that vendors arrive on time to do their bit and that the preparation runs to schedule (especially the bridal party’s make-up and hair). They make sure everyone knows what they need to do when and trigger people when it is time to put on specific music or for guests to be seated. They can coordinate the family photos (ensuring you get the best value for your photographer’s time) and be a point of contact on the day for all vendors and the MC if they have any questions (or problems). Ultimately the couple should not get bogged down with the coordination, setup and running of the day, they just show up and do their thing! 

So what are you waiting for?  Hopefully you now have a better idea of what a Wedding Planner does and how they add value to you in planning your special day. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

​Take the hassle and stress of planning a wedding away and hire a wedding planner today! 

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