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​The post-Christmas budget blues

Christmas has well and truly passed; the New Year is underway and your wedding is approaching fast - sound familiar?

It is easy to get overwhelmed after the silly season; your credit cards bursting and the balances on your wedding vendors are coming due; it’s easy to suffer from the post-Christmas budget blues.  Now this is a little cliché but remember to strip it ​back to what is important, ​keep in mind the true reason for your wedding day… to marry the person you love and want to spend the rest of your life with. The rest… well it’s of little consequence.

Easier said than done right? Maybe… but there are ways to bring focus back and move forward.  Review your budget! … don’t have one? Well make one! and include everything you have left to pay between now and your wedding; work out how much you can save during that time and see if there’s any expected shortfall… if so that’s how much you need to save on your wedding.

It is a common misconception that the best way to save is to cut money spent on the big ticket items like the venue, photographer etc, however it is all the little incidentals that add up and these are the costs that hit in the last few months of your wedding such as table decorations, wedding signs, shoes, jewellery, beauty appointments etc here is a great opportunity to save.

Sales are a great way to get a bargain on decorations and attire, keep in mid there will also be better sales at Easter weekend which is just around the corner. You can draw your inspiration on the gems you find and build your theme on that. Make sure you also think… how could I re-purpose this and turn it to the perfect wedding centrepiece or decoration.

​It is also a great time to get creative!   Look at everything through a creative lens and ask… could I do that myself for a whole lot cheaper? If you are not creative think about who you know that you may be able to ask to help you out, everyone has different strengths and who knows you may make a new good memory and learn something in the process :-)

Don’t forget to just say no; it is your day! If you and your partner do not particularly want something but feel pressure to have it and that’s the only reason you are accommodating it in your day then that’s not really a good enough reason… just say no.

Remember to be practical, you do not want to start married life in massive debt from your wedding day, stick to your budget and make it work, everything is possible and those that are there to help you celebrate your day will enjoy it no matter what cos they are just so happy to be included in your monumental day. It is possible to have the perfect wedding day no matter your budget. Think outside the box; be flexible with your ideas; draw inspiration from what you have around the house/garden and get creative! ​​

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